Last year, we successfully launched The Perfect Sketchbook 2017 and they sold out within two weeks. For the past few months, I have received numerous requests to issue new sketchbooks. Knowing that I can’t turn The Perfect Sketchbook into a sustainable business, I reserved some books from 2017 and invited 20 prominent artists from our campaign to a group show. Our show, Interlace, will open from 8 March 2018 at Bynd Artisan, Holland Village Atelier.


As part of our show, we have also designed and constructed a custom frame that can display The Perfect Sketchbook B5. These frames are designed for simple installation and users can easily remove the sketchbook, change the featured spread, and reinstall the sketchbook. A non-reflective glass is used.

Last but not least, I have scheduled another Sketch Bhutan tour this June. If you have always wanted to visit Bhutan, and wanted to join me on a sketching tour of Bhutan, this is your opportunity! Link below:

I have written an article about our previous trip here.

Yina, a celebrity blogger from Singapore, also documented her journey with us last year. Click here to read about her experience.

Thank you once again for supporting The Perfect Sketchbook and I hope that you have enjoyed painting in them as much as I have.


Erwin Lian

Links: Bynd Artisan's


Sketch Bhutan: