• Limited Edition: 900 copies available only
  • No Personalization
  • Size: Cover dimension: 26cm x 18cm.
  • Bind: Durable case bound. Lays flat. Proper grain flow.
  • Cover: Hard cover wrapped in recycled leather. Round corners.
  • Paper: Cold-pressed, 200 GSM Fabriano Artistico® (Traditional White-light cream) 100% cotton, mould-made, archival, tube-sized, free of animal by-products, watermarked. Both sides sized for painting.
  • 56 Pages.
  • Ribbon & elastic band.
  • Inner pocket at back cover.
  • Square-edged paper.
  • Deckle & hand-torn edges.

Limited Edition | 2017

Price: USD 40.00 (Singapore based customer)
Price: USD 50.00 (International customer)

Sold 900 out of 900.

Sorry, all The Perfect Sketchbook are already sold out.

Risks, Challenges and Refund Policy

1)   Since The Perfect Sketchbook B5 is created using quality materials from all around the world, shipment of the various materials may potentially run into delays. Prices and availability of raw materials may also fluctuate. We have cushioned our budget with a modest amount to account for such events. In the event that raw materials have to be replaced (very unlikely), supporters will be updated at the soonest possible.

2)   Cases of top quality paper manufacturers producing badly “sized” paper are common. While we will do our very best to ensure that all the paper we use are properly sized, there may still be situations where paper supplied to us for production is not appropriately sized and result in less than ideal outcomes when used.

3)   Bynd Artisan has more than 70 years of experience in book-making. There will be regular visits paid to the manufacturing facility so that backers can be updated on the manufacturing progress accordingly.

4)   While the team puts in its utmost effort in ensuring that the books are shipped on time, the shipping efficiency of local postal services at various countries are largely out of our control.

5)   The Perfect Sketchbook B5 2017 is made-to-order. All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.


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